Mobile games like toa summoners war are becoming more and more popular.

According to the Newzoo report, 2.4 billion people around the world will play mobile games in 2019.

50% of mobile app users play games and the remaining 50% use music and audio apps. Music, games, video streaming and other types of digital entertainment are competing with each other, but they also have one thing in common: they are increasingly used on mobile devices. One reason for this may be that these devices are always at hand when you’re out and about. For example, you can use breaks to enjoy the app. On the other hand, desktop PCs that specialize in gaming or game consoles are often expensive.

The future of mobile apps

The transition to a 5G network and changes in infrastructure will impact the mobile apps of the future. The 5G network offers significantly higher speed and lower latency. This enables mobile gaming experiences that were not possible until recently.

5G means faster downloads and uploads. It also allows downloads without having to download additional content.

In today’s 4G network, it’s almost impossible to play in real time over a mobile network in multiplayer mode, especially when it comes to competitions.

In contrast, a 5G network has the ability to handle multiple simultaneous connections. This allows for greater multiplayer experience.

To make all this commonplace, developers will need to evolve to adapt their apps to the improved conditions.

Video ads will also be played on our smartphone displays at 60 frames per second in the future. Playable ads will be even more impressive with more bandwidth and speed.

AR and VR, which had to wait a long time for their everyday use, will also finally experience their breakthrough with 5G technology.

Waiting for game streaming services will soon be a thing of the past
As well as the number of mobile apps, the number of game streaming services will increase. We are talking about streaming, which we know from Netflix and similar providers: Users get access to a huge range of games that they can stream from any device, including smartphones. In return, you have to pay a monthly fee.

Combined with 5G, this means that players can experience the games they play on all devices in the same quality as PC or console games. Players can participate directly in the game without long download times. It also eliminates the need to download large files that take up a lot of space on the smartphone.

And best of all, the concept of game streaming is no longer far away. Many large companies such as Nvidia, Google, Microsoft and PlayStation are already working on it.

But 5G technology also brings another change: smartphones designed specifically for gaming, such as the Razer Phone, developed by the gaming company of the same name, or the ASUS ROG Phone. In China there is the Xiaomi Black Shark Gaming Phone.

On the surface, the whole thing seems like a contradiction in terms: on the one hand, there is the denial that a certain device is necessary to stream games in high quality; on the other hand, there are companies that specialize in developing smartphones that are specifically designed for an excellent gaming experience.

However, these two markets may well coexist in the future. There will always be some particularly hard-boiled fans who want to get the absolute best gaming experience with a special gaming smartphone, even though gaming phones may never be part of the mainstream.

A change that takes time

The switch to the 5G network will not take place overnight. It requires changes on the part of developers, but also on the part of consumers. For example, smartphones must be equipped with modems that support a 5G connection. These new devices will not be cheap at first, so consumers may wait before buying one.

So there will certainly be some time left before 5G really becomes the standard.

More mobile games through VPN use

However, no matter how well you are equipped with the latest technology, you still get the error message that the desired app is not compatible with any of your own devices. This means that it is not possible to use the desired app in the respective region. To still be able to use the content, the IP address must be changed. This is possible by using a VPN connection. To do this, a VPN app must be installed on the corresponding mobile device. You can then select a server that is located in the region in which the desired content is available. In this way, content can be made accessible that is actually blocked for the country in which the user is located. Or you can already play games that are published in another country earlier than in your home country.

Moreover, thanks to VPN, all data is transmitted in encrypted form. This means that hackers and websites that spy on personal information have no chance.

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