The popular Smartphone App Instagram has for some time had a new feature that many Instagram users do not yet use. I’ll explain the new Instagram feature to you today and give you some tips as a guide. Instagram Stories has been launched as a competitor to Snapchat and has already replaced the importance of Snapchat. Why change an app when you can have it all in one app?

How does Instagram Stories work? What is Instagram Stories?

Instagram Stories is an additional feature in the Smartphone App Instagram for short videos that are automatically deleted after 24 hours. Especially useful is Instagram Stories for those who want to show more of themselves without saving the recordings permanently. It strengthens the connection to the followers and shows the Instagram Stories more personal and direct than a normal Instagram Post. Perfect is an Instagram Story for a short video, but also for an “imperfect” image.

Instructions for Instagram Stories – Step by Step

If you want to buy instagram story views, you first need the well-known app “Instagram” and an account or profile there. It’s best to have an account with Instagram and have already found some friends. Without a follower, Instagram and Instagram Stories are not much fun. Stories can only be viewed by your followers or people who consciously call up your profile in the app.

To upload stories to Instagram, open the app and don’t use the lower central camera button, which you use as usual for normal Instagram images, but tap the small camera in the upper left corner. Alternatively, you can wipe the feed screen “from left to right”.

The camera for Stories opens and shows either the front camera or the normal main camera. You can switch between the cameras by tapping twice quickly on the screen or by tapping the two arrows at the bottom right. At the bottom left you can switch on a flash for photos. Some Instagrammer also use a separate light for videos or even have a well lit video corner for these short videos.

Instagram Stories Capture Videos and Photos

At the bottom center is the photo and recording button or button. If you press it briefly, a photo will be taken – if you hold it down, a video will be recorded. With the video function, you have 15 seconds to show or tell something to the followers. The time that elapses can be recognized by the colored circle that runs around it during the recording.

Editing and Labeling Instagram Stories

After the end of the video recording, it runs in a continuous loop in order to be able to check it again. Photos are also displayed for checking. Now is the moment where you can edit the recording. With videos you can switch off the sound with the “speaker symbol” above, if you prefer to hide the sound (some even use an external microphone for a better sound).

With the “Sticker Button” you can automatically add the location, time and temperature display. Also big hearts, hats and many popular smileys can be added here quickly. As soon as you have selected a symbol you can enlarge and reduce it, angle it and place it exactly where you would like it to be.

With the “pencil symbol” you can paint or write down handwritten notes. You have the choice between a simple pen, a slightly transparent highlighter and a neon pen with glow effect. The width of the brushes can be adjusted at the bottom left of the symbol with the three dots.

You choose the font color with the further colored dots, which go on over three sides. For a very special color, tap a color a little longer and then you can choose from all possible colors yourself. To leave the menu click on “Done” – the image will not be sent yet.

With the “Aa-Symbol” in the upper right corner you can put a printed text on the picture or video. Since many people will watch your videos without sound, it always makes sense to provide the short videos with text. In this text you can also tag other Instagram users. In the text simply type @ and the Instagram name. If the person is antagbar, it appears to the selection as a circle. The person gets a message about your story after sending it.

Choose the font size again at the bottom left of the three dots, the font color with the dots next to it. At the top center you can choose a background for better readability. Here you can also change the colors if you have just selected it. To exit, click on “Done” again.

Filter for Instagram Stories

There are also some filters for Instagram Stories. When editing the image or video, you wipe “from right to left” and get light color filters. But it’s not as exciting as Snapchat with face filters yet. But I guess we don’t have to wait long for it. If you can see the usual Snapchat facial filters on other instagrams, then the recordings were filmed in Snapchat and only uploaded to Instagram later.

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