The secret of the true miracle diet that really works!

Here is an article I should have written a long time ago. And after repeating the same thing over and over again to each of my friends who complains about not being able to lose her extra pounds, I told myself that I was going to write it once and for all… So all I have to do is recommend that they read this superb website (more info at The Sports Bank).

Well, you should know that I am not a professional nutritionist but I have been interested in the subject since I have been quite sick because of my diet. If you think about it: your body works thanks to the fuel you put inside: everything that comes in through your mouth. You can put anything in it or you can put anything the body needs. It’s up to you to decide. But depending on what you put into it, your body machine will work more or less well. If you do anything too long, you can break everything…

Anyway, when I asked myself what was good to eat or not, I started to change my diet. And although I wasn’t especially fat, I lost 8% of my body mass in one month without doing any sports. Just by changing what I ate. I could lose a lot more by continuing the same diet, but at 70 kilos for 1m85 I feel good enough. (M.A.J.: Afterwards, I went down to 67 Kg…)

I could put pictures before/after, but the truth is, I have nothing to sell you, so I’m not going to pose in shorts for you! I’ll just tell you how it works, and then you do what you want with it! 😉

For the impatient, I’ll summarize the trick in a short version: Sugar is your enemy! No, not the fat! Sugar, I tell you! Low-fat stuff is bullshit. Light stuff with fake sugar is bullshit. What is needed is to reduce the real sugar and more generally all the fast sugars: fruit juice without pulp, soda, white bread (yes they are fast sugars!), white pasta (yes they are fast sugars!), pizza, corn flakes, etc… It will not be easy, but it will be radical.

Where does the fat come from?

Your extra pounds is fat, not muscle. Otherwise you wouldn’t find them too much. It could also be water retention, but basically it’s the same as fat (through food), so don’t make excuses. (Otherwise, go see a nutritionist, a real one!)

This fat is the reserve energy that your fat cells store for later. In particular, in anticipation of a long winter when you will be cold and hungry… It is very useful to have reserves in these cases. The only problem is that since the 20th century, in the West, you have had heating and the Monop’ open all year round! And when do you draw from your reserves? Never! So you could do without that spare grease. Especially since autumn after autumn, your body will store an extra layer of it…

From that point on, the question that arises is: where does this fat come from? Well, your fat cells create fat from the excess glucose in your blood.

Glucose is the energy of life: it powers your muscles, it powers your brain, it makes your heart beat and when it’s still there… it makes fat for later!

In fact, there is a gland in the brain that constantly measures the glucose content of your blood. When there are too many, she tells the pancreas to release insulin into the blood.

Insulin is a hormone that acts like small keys and opens wide the doors of your muscle cells… and also your fat cells!

The muscle cells will let glucose in and store it as glycogen. The glycogen stored in your muscles helps to meet short-term energy needs – for example, a short sprint to catch the bus.

But muscle cells have a limited storage capacity! Basically, all the muscles in your entire body will not store more than the equivalent of 1000 calories as glycogen. That’s why you can’t sprint for very long. Try to see… you will find that you will soon collapse.

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