The lung is a lungeing step that trains and shapes the buttocks and legs very effectively.

Also in this exercise there are different variations to increase the intensity and difficulty level.

This is how you perform the lung:

Position yourself about hip width for the starting position. Your upper body is upright and the toes point forward.

Take a long step forward and make sure that the angle between the lower and upper thighs is not less than 90 degrees and that the toes do not look over the knees.

In the case of lunges, you should not make the lunging steps too short, otherwise your knees will be subjected to too much strain.

Jumping Jack

We already knew Jumping Jack from our childhood as a funny jumping jack exercise. Nevertheless, it is anything but a harmless exercise from our childhood. It is not without reason that this exercise is practiced in various boat camps and still makes everyone sweat a lot today.

This is how you perform the Jumping Jack:

Stand upright.

The feet stand next to each other and the arms hang down to the side of the body. The palms of your hands point forward.

Jump so that your legs spread sideways and you come to a shoulder-width position. Arms are stretched sideways upwards. The hands touch briefly above the head.

Jump back to your starting position.

Do not pause during the movement sequences or jumps and make sure that your back is straight and that you tighten the centre of your body.

Leg Pull-In Knee-up

The Leg Pull-In Knee-up especially strengthens our abdominal muscles and the lower back.

These exercises can also be done very well with aids such as a bench or the like.

This is how you perform the Leg Pull-In Knee-up:

Use a mat or a towel for this exercise.

Lie down on the floor, your upper body is slightly upright and you support yourself with your elbows under your back. The elbows should form a 90 degree angle and your hands are under your back.

Your legs are stretched and touching.

Pull your knees towards the centre of your body while at the same time continuing to straighten your upper body and pulling towards the centre of your body so that you are sitting almost upright. The legs are angled and the lower legs are parallel to the floor.

Hold up briefly and then return to your starting position.

What should I look out for when doing a CrossFit workout at home?

As with any sport or training session, you should warm up before starting the actual workout to minimize the risk of injury and to gently prepare your body for the training that will follow.

With CrossFit we recommend a quasi dynamic warm-up for about 5 to 8 minutes.

If you make light jumps on the spot, you can also use a skipping rope.

Then perform a few lunge steps, knee bends and push ups.

Stretch and stretch to get your mobility going.

When doing CrossFit Workout at home, please make sure that you do the exercises cleanly and correctly.

If you still have problems in the beginning, please focus first on the executions and movements and not on the given time, because you should not pay attention to this until you are familiar with the exercises.

At least as important as the warm-up before starting the CrossFit workout is a cool-down for about 5 minutes. Stretch and stretch after the workout and come down slowly.

If you want to work with WODs at home, we have a few recommendations for you:

Have your personal diet plan for losing weight drawn up for you

“You Can’t Train out a Bad Diet – 80% of fitness success comes from the “right” diet. By this we mean a diet according to a special plan that is tailored to your individual needs and takes your personal body constitution into account. In cooperation with Upfit, STRONG will create nutrition plans that are individually tailored to your needs. We take this into account:

Food intolerances (e.g. lactose intolerance)
Eating behaviour (e.g. vegan)
Purchasing behaviour (e.g. Aldi or organic market)
your everyday life (e.g. whether you can cook or not)

Now let us create your personal nutrition plan and lose up to 10 cm of abdominal fat (yes, that really worked for us!)”.

Here it goes to the nutrition plan configurator.


So ladies, now it can finally start with the CrossFit weight lifting workout. Music on, breathe deeply and have fun!

Do you have any tips or comments? How have you been with your individual CrossFit workout at home?

Have you used any additional equipment?

Write us your experiences as a comment under this article. We look forward to your feedback.

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