One of the most transformational ways to enhance or transform your look is with a new hairdo or shade. A lot more dramatic is to extend brief or include highlights to lengthy hair. Hair expansions are a quick and also affordable method to boost your style with highlights or length addition.

I have more than two decades experience as a professional hairstylist as well as deal with loads of clients every week. I get most excited about the transformation blonde hair extensions (or other tones) give. My goal is to assist individuals with practical services for them to look their ideal.

I have seen first-hand how delighted my customers are when they have decide to include hair extensions in their hair. With the new innovation available, you can now transform on your own in minutes without damaging your hair!

Understanding the various methods that are used is important, as you will want to utilize the technique that works finest for you. I will certainly go into the most popular approaches later in this page. Please read on, you might become a hair extension addict like so several various other ladies around the world have!

Some females have really slim hair and also desire even more volume, others have short hair and also are searching for a dramatic enhancement to their design. Numerous have seen the harmful impacts of over-coloring their hair can have and also are trying to find a safe choice. Extensions can offer impressive highlighting outcomes without harming your hair. Listed below I have summarized the advantages of as well as different methods of extension applications, along with my personal referrals.

Blond Hair Extensions (as well as other shades) supply:

  • Flexibility – Adjustment hair color highlights on your own very promptly
  • Save cash with much less trips to hair salon (do it your self).
  • Change your appearance.
  • Style as well as color the hair expansions to boost your all-natural hair.

There are several approaches and sorts of hair expansions readily available. Listed below I have detailed four of the most popular methods and pro/cons of each one. As a basic guideline, stay away from any kind of sort of artificial hair extensions. These will certainly look the least all-natural, wear out quickly, and can not be colored to your taste. They are less costly however, in my viewpoint, are unworthy the cost. For more information on hair extensions, read this hair extension guide.

Method 1 Clip-Ons. 

Expert clip-on expansions have actually considerably improved in the last couple of years by utilizing secure, long lasting weave/snap-on clips and human hair. You can now obtain expert human hair clip-ons that can be applied rapidly, are very economical, as well as look amazing! Human hair clip-ons can be acquired in various tones and also can be colored as well as styled to match your existing hair.

I have many customers every week utilizing these type of extensions with incredible outcomes that look natural. They can be used on your own or by your stylist. With the new expert kind clips, you DO NOT need to take them out every evening. They remain strongly attached to your hair until you are ready to change your design.

Approach 2 Micro-ring (Loophole).

Micro-rings are extensions that are woven into your hair by knotting existing hair into the expansion rings. This takes more time than the clip-ons (about 2-4 hours for a full set) and can be challenging to apply on your own. You really feel some discomfort for the very first day as a result of the limited weaving, but obtain utilized to it after that. You can obtain great, natural arise from this sort of expansion, yet not dramatically much better than clip-ons.

Method 3 Combination (Glue-in).

This approach makes use of private hairs of hair that are affixed by glue adhesive. Normally you will need a salon professional to affix them, with the price right into thousands of dollars. Likewise, you need to have them renewed every few months. You can obtain very all-natural looking arise from this method. Gradually, there is a threat of harming your hair from the sticky product and revival process. If you want this method, make certain to do detailed study on the technician that is using them and also seek referrals from existing customers.

Approach 4 Sewn-in Wefts.

These are wefts of expansions that are sewn into your natural hair by a beauty parlor service technician. This can be really pricey, time consuming as well as I have actually heard that they are additionally agonizing and also unpleasant to put on. Do you research on these before you attempt them.


Of these techniques, I advise a lot of my customers to use Approach 1 – Human hair clip-on expansions. This is one of the most natural, flexible alternative for the money without any risk of hair damages. In the future, it will certainly minimize the brows through to the salon as well as will certainly allow a change in hairdo when the state of mind strikes you.

Buying Expansions.

As I stated earlier in this web page, it is essential that you acquire your hair expansions from a trustworthy firm that offers high quality items. You desire your expansions to look terrific as well as last a long time. I have actually seen bad products that look terrific when initially put on, however fade or obtain curls after one laundry. This will simply trigger stress as well as even more expense out of your pocket. By purchasing a high quality product, you can have blonde hair extensions that you can make use of over and also over again without issues.

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