For agencies, challenges are part of everyday life, because the economy and development do not sleep. In order to generate success, it is therefore all the more important not to rest on one’s laurels, but to constantly adapt existing models in order to advance the company. Those who do not change their processes, structures and relationships will sooner or later fall by the wayside.

Find Outstanding Developers

Creative developers in digital marketing agency are more in demand than ever, because with them the service provider of today stands and falls. A wide variety of industries are looking for skilled personnel with the same qualifications. This also includes large corporations such as PriceWaterhouseCoopers, KPMG, Accenture and Internet giants such as Google or Amazon. Software companies such as SAP, Microsoft and others also offer developers a wide range of career paths.

The high demand for qualified personnel makes it difficult for agencies to retain high-performing employees. To ensure that there will be no shortages in this area in the company in the future, there is the possibility of passing this area on to qualitative providers via outsourcing or addressing potential employees with interesting hiring programs and retaining them in the company.

Smaller budgets with big ideas at the same time

On the customer side, budgets are falling. Many service providers undercut each other to a certain extent and thus the need for action decreases with customers to think in terms of higher fees. At the same time, the demand for the implementation of complex digital projects is growing.

Increasing digitalization

Where in the past large advertising projects and sophisticated designs were the race in the marketing business, today the Internet is the centre of marketing.

On the one hand, almost everyone has access to İnternet, which means that via social media even laypeople are active in the creative industry, sometimes very successfully. Nowadays it is possible for almost everyone to start an agency. A simple YouTube channel can already be a start.

The moreover one to the today’s age the direct contact with the final customer gained in importance for companies. It is communicated in real time with the end customer. As a result, trusting one-to-one relationships have become much more important than huge marketing projects and companies therefore prefer to seek direct contact with the end customer themselves. Especially via social media, instead of relying on external service providers. This can be an opportunity, but in some cases also a danger, for agencies.

Complex pitches without result

The most valuable asset of an agency is its İdeen, which it presents to its future clients. The present function, that in the apron with the customer unpaid sales discussions, so-called Pitches, are led, in the doubt also in the presence of the fellow combatants robs the lastingness. Most service providers pitch much more often than they conclude a deal. With the providing of these Pitches however partly the most qualified coworkers are used around creative İdeen to provide. During this time they are not available to the paying customers. This even leads to the loss of paying customers.

Furthermore, the best İdeen at the lowest price is generally preferred for the pitch processes. A customer behaviour that damages the agency and causes problems in the cash flow.

Low digital competence among existing employees

Many agencies are strongly attached to their old traditions. Instead of opening themselves up to new things, old-fashioned paths that have already been followed are offered to customers in terms of service and payment. However, customer behaviour has changed considerably as a result of digitalisation.

Customers want products that fit into the digital world and address their target group directly. Here it is important to question existing models and cultures and to meet customer wishes and needs. Only if you stay up-to-date, especially in the field of digital, it is possible to support the customer successfully and to remain in demand.

Automatically generated marketing

What used to be done manually by humans can now be replaced by technology. Analytical or logical processes and powerful algorithms are processed digitally (e.g. in machine learning).

Artificial intelligence is a growing challenge for companies

The web is designed to adapt dynamically to consumer behavior and automatically places, designs and optimizes what is displayed. Not only advertising marketing, but also e-mail advertising and the agency’s entire label management can be generated automatically in some cases.

Real time advertising

Today, real-time advertising is more important than ever for the industry. At the same time, the agency model is structured in such a way that extremely time-consuming work is required to perform.

This means that time-consuming research is undertaken, ideas for marketing campaigns are created, and the appearance in the media is precisely planned and developed. All this takes time and does not fit into the current demand. Nowadays, marketing takes place in real time and agency customers don’t have much time to prepare.

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