I work a lot with metaphors and most of my customers are gay males as well as lesbians. The strategy I use in coaching and psychotherapy is based on the principle that we analyze as well as make definitions of life via the stories we inform ourselves as well as others. These tales concerning the events as well as the experiences of our lives use allegories.

The journey allegory (life as a trip) is very usual in counseling work as are pedagogic metaphors (life as learning). But instead of developing the allegories myself, I am interested in the metaphors individuals offer the therapy session. As a therapist, I do not set concerning making analyses however help people to make their own interpretations.

For example, a state I am meeting with a customer who talks about not being able to discover any contentment in life. He has been searching for satisfaction for a long time. He understands it exists because he understands some other gay guys that seem to have discovered it, yet he was always told when he was growing up that satisfaction came from having a household and also discovering a caring companion. He hasn’t been able to find complete satisfaction and has frequently thought about surrendering (the giving up took the type of suicidal ideas), yet something leads him to maintain seeking it.

This tale could be viewed as a sort of a pursuit allegory: the mission for contentment. In telling me the tale of this search he makes use of words like ‘finding’, ‘looking’, ‘presence’, ‘giving up, and also ‘seeking’. So I can pick up this metaphor as well as start utilizing it with him, using his own language and also the interpretation of the events as well as experiences of his life to locate brand-new hints, signposts, and so on to explore the origins of this quest with him. Quest metaphors are not unusual naturally and we see them routinely in films such as The Wizard of Oz, as well as Lord of the Rings, etc.

Someone else may come to me with the trouble of ‘not knowing exactly how to make close friends. So there is an allegory here in the ‘making’. He or she has ‘virtually given up’ because it calls for ‘excessive effort’ as well as he has ‘absolutely nothing to see for it. When I ask about what he has become aware of making pals he tells me that he understands it takes ‘Time, Trust and Effort’. And from his experience already he has made a decision that it is fairly ‘hard to improve one night stands’ or ‘arbitrary connect’ since the whole thing is reliant ‘come falling apart down’ as well quickly.

This seems to me like a building metaphor. I can follow this up with him by asking about plans and also his desire for what type of friendships he wishes to develop. Are they excellent piles or cozy secluded? If the arbitrary link does not appear to function, what type of structures might function? What is the concrete of friendship? What is the foundation? Does he know of any kind of ‘completed items’ or ‘works in progression’ he can get ideas from?

I locate metaphors actually boosting. Firstly, I do not develop them, others do, but I can aid create the favored tale and also plotlines. Metaphors likewise speak with the hopes, beliefs, dedications, and also worths people have. As well as finding out about these is just as crucial as listening to the issue tale.

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