Like any other household appliance, air conditioners are also susceptible to breakdowns. In addition, without proper maintenance, their useful life decreases and the appearance of breakdowns is certain. If you already have a technical problem, we tell you why we are your expert in air conditioning repair in Madrid.

As we have already said, air conditioners need good maintenance to stay in perfect condition and function optimally. However, the use and the passage of time sometimes make it inevitable the appearance of problems in the operation and breakdowns that, generally, if repaired in time do not pass to major.

We are going to review the most common breakdowns so that you can identify them, but remember that the best guarantee that your equipment will work as well as it did on the first day is to entrust maintenance to an expert.

Most common breakdowns

First of all, many of the common breakdowns are avoidable with periodic maintenance of the device and we make sure that our equipment is ready when we are going to use it. It is best to have a specialized technician perform a general check-up from time to time.

But if we do not have this service, if these problems occur we should call an expert technician and, above all, approval for air conditioning and fluorinated gases. Below we will detail the most common breakdowns:


Modern equipment is now very quiet, so excessive noise is a symptom that something is wrong. One of the main causes is the lack of gas in the refrigerant line or oil in the compressor.

If your equipment is old, locating the leak and replacing the gas are the solutions, but they are not cheap because they require time and skill. In addition, you should know that approved gas is an expensive material.

It will be easier to solve the problem if the origin is none other than dirt accumulated in the outdoor unit. Therefore, this should be the first thing to check when the system makes an abnormal noise.

It may be that the indoor fan is dirty, and because it is not able to pass a constant and balanced airflow over the entire surface of the impeller of this fan, it becomes decentered and makes noise. To solve it will be enough to clean the impeller of our indoor unit, remember that good maintenance is essential to mitigate these problems and avoid odors.

If the noise occurs especially at the beginning of the operation of our air conditioner may be due to a poor passage of gas through the refrigerant circuit as an obstruction, a crushed tube, or a malfunction of the expansion valve. Visit their page where you will find lots of important information about hvac contractors.


The most common reason why any type of air conditioner stops cooling is due to dirty internal air filters. But if you have already checked that they are not dirty, it may be the condenser that is dirty.

Condenser blockage

To understand this problem, you must have an idea of how air conditioning works. There is an internal unit or evaporator that absorbs heat from the air and transfers it to the external unit or condenser, which condenses the hot air into cold air.

If this external unit is clogged, proper cooling of the air conditioning system will not occur, since the dirt will prevent heat transfer. To solve this problem, the condenser must be cleaned, but we recommend that in these cases you leave it in the hands of an expert.

Low refrigerant level

The cooling system of the equipment requires a fluid refrigerant that absorbs heat from the surrounding air, the loss or absence of this substance causes the cooling not to occur.

If your air conditioner is not cooling, it could be because the refrigerant is leaking in some way. This problem can be easily identified if you detect strange sounds coming from your air conditioning system.