Obtaining power, eco-friendly, tidy, friendly (not hazardous), less expensive, by annihilation. For instance, the annihilation of an electron with an anti-electron (positron). Electron, as well as positron, are gotten by removing them from atoms; the extraction, consume a minimal amount of energy. Then, the two bits are brought near one another (crash). Happens the sensation of destruction, when the remaining mass is transformed completely into power (gamma photons). Take place gamma photons, as numerous as required to obtain the overall energy of the electron and also positron (rest energy and also kinetic energy); normally one can get two or 3 gamma bits (when we have a lower annihilation, ie two antiparticles with reduced power, each with a little beyond rest mass, ie the bits are accelerated at a low-speed activity), however, we can get even more fragments when we have high destruction (ie when the fragmented energy is high and also the fragments were highly accelerated before the accident).

Rest power of an electron-positron pair goes beyond slightly 1 MeV (what is exceptionally big energy from some as little bits, similar energy with that achieved by the merging of 2 much bigger particles, having a remainder mass of concerning 2000 times higher). Thus the first wonderful benefit of the new method recommended, specifically that if the most complex physical sensation until now attempted to get in the material power (warm or cold fusion), draw only about a thousandth part of the remaining mass of the bit, resulting in the blend of two particles virtually just the power void between power bits being complementary and their power when they are united, the proposed method to remove practically all the internal power of the fragments annihilated. We started with the electron-positron set because these tiny fragments are much more easily extracted from the atoms (the atoms are then immediately regrown naturally, which establishes the nature of renewable energy from the annihilation of particles).

The next step is to evaluate the destruction between a proton as well as an antiproton, since their mass is about 1800 times greater than that of the electron and also positron, leading to their annihilation as power by about 1000 times higher, ie as opposed to 1 MeV, 1 GeV (is taken into consideration as the only actual obtained power, the power contributed by the proton of the hydrogen ion; yet the energy of an antiproton is taken into consideration to be donated by us virtually completely, in the meantime, since to obtain today an antiproton we need to accelerate some bits at extremely high-energy and then clash them). So genuine contrast must be made between the deuterons combination and also annihilation procedure of a hydrogen ion (proton) with an antiproton. It will be a difference of energy of about 1000 times higher per set of bits used, for the destruction process. Almost it realizes the image drawing out power from all the issues.

Another wonderful benefit of this approach is that no contaminated materials and are no radioactive wastes from the process. From this process, we obtain just gamma photons (ie energy) and also possibly other energized mini bits. The procedure does not pose any type of risk to people and also the environment. The power created is tidy. The innovation needed is much less complex than nuclear (fission or fusion), less costly, and much easier to preserve. Sufficient power is given by the annihilation process (basically unrestricted), affordable, tidy, risk-free, sustainable right away (lasting), with technology made simple.

We can extract the energy of the remaining mass of an electron by reading this article from Bugle Digital. For a pair of an electron and also a positron this energy is circa 1 MeV. The “synchrotron radiation (synchrotron light source)” produces deliberated a radiation source. Electrons are increased to high speeds in numerous stages to attain the last energy (that is normally in the GeV range). We need 2 synchrotrons, a synchrotron for electrons as well as another that accelerates positrons. The fragments should collide after they are being increased to an optimum energy level. All the powers are accumulated at the leave of the Synchrotrons, after the crash of the contrary fragments. We will recoup the speeding-up power, as well as in addition we additionally accumulate the remaining energy of the electrons as well as positrons.